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The JAX Company Film Production Group llc
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Quality, Character
driven films...

Dedicated to quality, character driven films...

Quality, Character
driven films...

The JAX Company

Film Production Group llc

The JAX Company

Film Production Group llc. 

     The JAX Company FPG llc is a small production studio currently based in the Atlanta suburb of Acworth, GA. It was the brainchild of writer/director Jax Kearney, a former professional comedian. Jax has traveled all over the country making people laugh during his stand up  career, all the while writing away at his first love, screenplays. His travels has let him see the entire country, as well as meet people from all walks of life, learn about the trials and tribulations they face, as well as their hopes and dreams, and the things that move them. Jax brings all of these elements to his films.
      In an effort to raise the visibility of his own award winning writing, Jax created the JAX Company to start making films based on his scripts. Continually learning more and more about the art of film making, collaboration and story telling through film, The JAX Company is solely dedicated to creating “Quality, character driven films…” With each film we reach a wider and wider audience, and continue to gain respect from our local and national film communities.
       So welcome to our webpage. Come see what we’ve been doing while you were gone….


Jax Kearney

Writer - Director - Role Model

Winner - 2015 Action on Film Festival
Best New Writer & 1st Runner Up Best Script

Winner-2016 Action on Film Festival
1st Runner Up, Best Action Script


     Writer-director Jax Kearney treats everyone who works with him like family, well, the family members he likes anyways.  From the pre-shoot cast dinners, (You should be so lucky as to have Jax’s lasagna) to the meticulous pre-planning, it’s clear that Jax has a true passion for building a team that believes in his vision, from the script to the screen. 

     “Writing the script is only the first step in letting other people see the story I see in my head…”
Jax Kearney