SYNERGY was just accepted as a finalist for the 2017 Action on Film Festival's written word competition! (Final results Aug 2017)

Family Tree


119 Pages

WGA# 614031

     A CIA operative, on administrative leave, assembles a crack team of black-op specialists for a private mission to take down a vicious drug lord in Columbia, and the symbol of his power, the only way in and out of his mountain distribution center and stronghold, a sturdy wooden structure known to the locals as “The Overlord’s Bridge.”

     Rural Georgia Deputy Sheriff Brian Campbell, who recently survived an ambush by drug dealers that killed his former partner, is now the lead suspect of an investigation over $750,000 in missing drug money. When this much money is involved there are only two questions: Who has it, and who’s going to pay for it?

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A Christmas tree for Judy 


116 pages

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Notable Awards

2015 Action on Film Written Word Competition     Screenplay "Neptune's Prison"    

2016 Action on Film Written Word Competition     Screenplay "The Overlord's Bridge"
Won 1st Runner-Up 

The Screenplays of Jax Kearney

     A disgraced reporter returns home to the small island in Georgia where he grew up, only to learn the truth about his own family's involvement in the creation of the Federal Reserve System, its true purpose, and an unsolved murder that may lead him to redemption as a journalist.


     This is loosely based on the actual events that created the Federal Reserve System. Which, as you may or may not know, is privately owned, answers to no one, is never audited and continues to operate the way it was designed by the members of the real "The Island Club."

     A special young man, with “the gift” to touch people and make them see heaven, travels cross-county to fulfill his destiny. Aided by a runaway girl and a fallen preacher trying to redeem himself, he searches for the rightful owner of “the gift”, the man who guides him in his dreams, the second coming of Christ. 

     On Christmas Eve, Kathryn's desperate, last minute mission to find her ten year old step-daughter Judy a “real” Christmas tree, is quickly overshadowed when she learns that a cave-in has trapped her husband, and two other men in the local mine. The cave-in quickly brings together the small mining town, all praying for a Christmas miracle.

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The Overlord's Bridge


109 Pages

Copyright PAu 3-124-345


Father's Child

Religious Drama

110 Pages

WGA# 745068



106 Pages

WGA# 653737
*Winner Atlanta Film Festival's Perfect Pitch Competition

     A recent college grad travels to a small in Georgia in search for his birth mother, only to find the love of his life…his cousin?

Retribution won the Perfect Pitch Contest at the Atlanta Film Festival

The Overlords Bridge won 1st runner-up for  "Best Action Script"  at the 2016 Action On Film Festival's screenplay competition.

     After being left paralyzed, with “Locked-In Syndrome” by a vicious home invasion, John Vincent is selected to participate in the prestigious Synergy Labs, Brain Computer Interface program, which allows him to interact with others again, unassisted. But a freak accident infects him with a computer virus that is somehow repairing his damaged body, but also taking control of it.

     An ambitious young lawyer realizes too late, that he’s in over his head, after he weasels his way into representing a poor, rural Georgia family in a landmark lawsuit, with national attention and repercussions. The very first successful case, under Georgia’s new “Survivor’s Rights Law”, that will allow one of the family members to perform the execution of their mother’s killer.

Neptune’s Prison 


118 pages

Copyright #PAu 3-609-310

The Island Club


123 Pages

WGA# 614030

Survivor’s Rites 


91 Pages

Copyright: TXu 1-354-339



115 Pages

WGA #Pending

Survivor's Riteswon the Perfect Pitch Contest at the Atlanta Film Festival

   An ex-Navy seal and his pregnant wife are trapped in the world's first underwater prison, when it is attacked by mercenaries, who will stop at nothing to retrieve a prisoner who embezzled almost a billion dollars from the Las Vegas mob. Cut off from the surface by their attack, the surviving guards, prisoners, and visitors must ban together to find a way to repel the mercenaries and escape the damaged prison alive.

   When a suburban father’s daughter is murdered in their home, he is shocked to find himself arrested as the main suspect, and swears vengeance on the true killer. But when the real killer dodges the death penalty, he snaps, attempts to kill his wife, and gets himself sentenced to the same prison as the man who stole his daughter.



106 Pages

WGA #635246

     Four college graduate students are dragged into a deadly game of cat and mouse, when they help a small group of aliens who escaped from a military contractor’s secret prison. The students risk their lives to help the aliens evade the contractor’s men, who will stop at nothing to get the aliens and their technology back, dead or alive.



118 pages

Copyright: Pau 3-818-165

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Synergy is the first script in a planned trilogy!

Neptune's Prison  won 1st Runner Up for BEST SCRIPT at the 2015 Action on Film Festival's screenplay competition, as well as earning Jax the award for BEST NEW WRITER!!!

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